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‘Play is the highest form of research.’

Albert Einstein

Our vision is to develop a centre that has happy and resilient children who find learning fun. A space that they can call their own as they will have a strong sense of belonging. A centre with curious and creative children who have the time, the right environment and the support to develop their talents and pursue their interests; being confident and having a strong sense of identity. A centre with a special focus on music and art.

We believe that happy children learn better and we strive to provide the environment where children can feel safe and secure.

We believe in a culture of listening to the child, acknowledging their beliefs and thoughts, thereby developing their self-esteem and a belief in themselves and their abilities.

We value the knowledge that families bring in about their child and we work in partnership with them to achieve the best outcomes for children.

We embed sustainable practices by encouraging children to respect and care for all living things and the environment.

We value and respect the history, culture and traditions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We believe that the child is curious and is ‘strong, capable and resilient’ and we provide a challenging environment and the provocations to guide the children’s interest and to engage them in their learning.

We believe that children’s innate curiosity and the subsequent questioning should be encouraged as inquiry leads to in-depth knowledge building.

We believe in capacity building, consistency of core beliefs across the centre, and sharing of knowledge, skills and ideas.

We follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) with its beliefs about children and how they learn flourishing under the umbrella of the concepts of ‘Being, belonging and becoming’. We have high expectations from our children and aim to encourage dispositions that promote learning such as: curiosity, cooperation, creativity, persistence, enthusiasm and reflexivity.

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